by Throw Shade

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released October 3, 2016

Recorded/Engineered/Produced by Jacob Lee
Mastered @ Gradwell House



all rights reserved


Throw Shade Cleveland, Ohio

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Shannon | Jeremy |

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Track Name: Better Off
You call, I come over, but you don't want me to stay.
You said my baggage just gets in your way.
You call me, "It's over."
You don't want me around.
You say I'm too sad.
I'll just bring you down.

Well, it's true.
I hate myself when I'm around you.
I'm talking shit to everyone about you.
I'm just trying to prove I'm better off without you.
I'm better off without you.

I ran into you out.
Ended up back at your place.
It didn't last two days until you needed space.
You call and say you're sorry, but I'm over it now.
"I'm leaving tomorrow. I'll see you back in town."

You can take all of your drugs and share them with someone else.
You should take your medicine and tell all of your friends that we're through.
Track Name: The Outs
I've got a valiant heart.
Well, at least I think that I used to.
It's been coming up short.
I can't control it like you do.

I get mad when you shut me out.
You don't even notice that I'm sleeping on your couch.
When all my guts say to keep it to yourself, while we were on the outs.
Yeah, we were on the outs.

I've got a violent tongue, if I could ever get the words out.
It's probably better if I don't, because you know it would just fuck something else up.
To hell with all of your friends.
They're narcissistic and useless.
I'll never forget when you said, "I'll always take more than you'll give."

I get sad when I see you out with someone else.
You roll your eyes and say I'm too presumptuous.
When all my guts say to keep it to yourself, while we were on the outs.
Yeah, we were on the outs.
Track Name: Palm Reader
I hope you make it through the main forty-eight.
When you were over runnin' tables and staying out too late, I couldn't stay awake.
I couldn't stay away.

There's always someone, but there's never really anyone.
You can't catch feelings when you're plotting your next move.
So what's it mean when you stopped getting nervous?
Who's going to be there when there's no one to catch you?

I couldn't stay awake.
I couldn't stay away.

When the afterthought of me makes you think of home, just think of how it feels to be happy and alone.
Track Name: Writer
I guess I could've been nicer.
I could've offered you my coat.
You get complacent when you're vulnerable.
You're faking it, and everybody knows.
You space out on your way out.

I guess you don't do well alone.
I know you get too drunk and you still drive home.
You're irresponsible, but even worse at letting go.
You said you wanted to be a writer, so you could rewrite where everything went wrong.
You've focused on the plot, but didn't let the characters evolve.
You're not over it at all.

I guess I could've been nicer.
I've got a tendency to be cold.
When you're filling holes with wood and corks and glue, no one likes this version of you.
It's like we both look distorted.
Hiding in the pictures of when we were young.
Now, you don't believe in love.
Do you believe in anything at all?